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I have three active large-scale projects focusing on sexuality and gender politics. I also have two active side-projects focusing on youth representation and feminist theory.

More rights, more participation? The rights of gays, lesbians and bisexuals and their political engagement in Sweden

PI, Swedish Research Council


In this project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, I study political participation and representation patterns among non-straight people of Sweden. I make use of administrative data as well as experimental approaches. Project members are Pär Zetterberg, Stuart Turnbull Dugarte and Klara Hvarfner. 

Total funding: 4,024,000 SEK

Image: Jan Budomo


Still segregated? Temporal and intersectional analysis of the residential, occupational and political segregation of sexual minorities in Sweden

PI, Swedish Research Council


This project examines dynamics of spatial, economic and educational segregation among LGB people in Sweden. Project members are Sven Oskarsson, Klara Hvarfner, Rafael Ahlskog, and Stuart Turnbull Dugarte.

Total funding: 4,733,531 SEK

Image: DJ Paine


Gendered institutions and how to study them

PI, Uppsala University


In this project, I revisit the realist foundations of feminist institutionalism and offer methodological reflections on how feminist scholars might go about generating knowledge about gendered institutions. My project collaborators are Cherry M. Miller and Josefina Erikson.

Image: Tim Mossholder


Strategic inclusion? The promises and pitfalls of diversity initiatives in Swedish party politics

Project member, FORTE


In this project, we study the impact of candidate quotas and other diversity initiatives on the descriptive representation of women, youths and immigrants in Sweden. We make use of administrative data, experimental and qualitative approaches. Project members are Sandra Håkansson, Pär Zetterberg, Elin Bjarnegård and Theodor Thisell. 

Total funding: 4,800,000 SEK

Image: Joel Muniz

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