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Peer-reviewed journal articles

European Journal of Political Research


Blog post

Do positive sexuality gaps in voter turnout persist in contexts where LGBT+ rights are well protected? Using the Swedish administrative data, I show that this is indeed the case.

Key words: sexuality, turnout, LGBT+ rights.

Politics & Gender


In this conceptual-methodological piece I present a realist conceptualization of gendered institutions and offer epistemological and methodological guidelines for studying these entities.

Key words: feminist theory, institutionalism, metatheory.

Research & Politics


Blog post

Are young MPs marginalized or mentored by their more senior colleagues? Using data from the Czech Republic, I show that the former is the case. 

Key words: youth representation, substantive representation, age.

Political Research Quarterly


Are legislators who are elected solely thanks to preference voting less likely to uphold party unity? Using longitudinal data from the Czech Republic I show that this is not the case.

Social Politics


Are women elected on the ticket of personal parties more likely to succeed in politics? In this ethnographic piece, I show that this is not the case. 

Parliamentary Affairs


In this piece, I demonstrate that women MPs have better access to various sources of political capital when their party is in opposition. 

Electoral Studies


Using longitudinal data from the Czech Republic, I show that women MPs get equivalent returns on observable aspects of their political performance at renomination.

Politics & Gender


A theoretical piece on the importance of conceptually distinguishing between first-time recruitment and incumbent renomination when accounting for imbalances in women's political representation.


Co-author: Melinda Adams.

Reports on elections

Baltic Worlds


Report on the 2016 parliamentary elections in Slovakia.

Book chapters

Globe in Motion 2: Multiple Shades of Migration: Regional Perspectives


The Fiscal Effects of EU Migration to Slovakia

Analysis of the fiscal effects of EU migration to Slovakia. 

Co-authors: Rafael Ahlskog & Pär Nyman

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