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Call for papers
Understanding segregation: insights from Sweden and beyond
Uppsala, Oct 24-25

We invite scholars to submit papers for the second annual research conference of the national research program on segregation initiated by the Government of Sweden. This event is financed by the Swedish Research Council and hosted by Uppsala University. It brings together researchers working on segregation-related issues from various disciplinary perspectives. This year, we welcome applications from non-program researchers based in Sweden and internationally.

Key information


The main objective of this annual conference is to foster connections and exchange of ideas between projects and programs participating in the national research program on segregation, financed by the Swedish Research Council. The conference offers a platform for program participants to present their preliminary findings and get feedback from scholars working on segregation-related issues. 

This year, we also open up the event to non-program segregation experts.

The event is multidisciplinary and comprises sociologists, economists, political scientists, anthropologists, geographers, education researchers, urban researchers, and more.


The term segregation is broadly defined and pertains to different facets of group-based segregation or persistent group-based differences (e.g., educational sorting, wage gaps, residential segregation, class-, sexuality-, or religion-based differences in political participation, migration history, etc.).

Time and place

The conference will be held in Uppsala, Sweden between October 24 and 25. The exact times will be clarified at a later stage, but we begin no earlier than 10 am on October 24 and finish no later than 5 pm on October 25. 

Who can apply

We welcome abstract submissions from PIs and project members participating in the national research program on segregation to apply. Note that only paper submissions are accepted this year. We will expect you to upload a working paper or detailed presentation no later than one week before the conference.

This year, we also welcome applications from non-program segregation researchers, both from Sweden and abroad. Take this opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with Swedish segregation experts from multiple disciplines.

Please note that our finding is limited. This means that we might not be able to accept all the program applicants. If necessary, a project quota will be applied (e.g., a maximum of two papers per program-participating project). The selection of non-program participants will be competitive.

What is covered?

The Swedish Research Council generously covers travel, accommodation, two lunches and one conference dinner. Within Sweden, travel is restricted to train travel for environmental reasons. 

For successful non-program participants, we will cover accommodation and meals. Travel will only be covered if budget permits.

How to apply

Apply through this form no later than September 9, 2024. Successful applicants will be notified within ten days.


Questions about the event should be directed to Michal Grahn, academic coordinator for the national research on segregation and convener for the event.

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